Cursillo - Gary Diocese Remembrance Mass
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Remembrance Mass - 2018

Mass of Remembrance


was offered at Holy Spirit Catholic Church

Sunday, January 21, 2018 at 2:00 p.m.


Bishop Donald Hying, Presiding


Please send the name of the Cursillista

whom you want to commemorate at NEXT YEAR's Mass (A.D.2019),

with a free will donation, as follows:

 Option 1:
Use US Mail

 Please mail the name of the Cursillista you want commemorated, with a check
 or money order to:

 B. Hernandez
 6916 Columbia Ave.
 Hammond, IN 46324-2033


Option 2:
Use PayPa

 (Option disabled temporarily)
  PLEASE NOTE that the deadline has passed for inclusion in this year's (2018) Program for the Mass of Remembrance. Any donations received at this point will be applied to next year's (A.D.2019) Mass of Remembrance.
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